Kayi family Osman season 2 English

Kayi family Osman season 2 English Subtitles

Town and town will be the end of the state. Since we have a call, then we will know that we will correct our situation with the invitation. in Kayi family Osman season 2 English We will be fair to the Muslim and non-Muslim people, both in our work and in our vaccine. If Debbe Hasan is not fair to his neighbor, there will not be a state for us here. If Demirci Davut does not beat his soul in the anvil, there will not be a state for us in these lands. We will not be without justice.

It is rumored that as the persecution of the Makkan

polytheists increased. The persecution of the polytheists had become such that.even the notables of the Companions were getting their share from this cruelty.in Kayi family Osman season 2 English Seeing the persecution of the Companions increasing day by day, our Prophet would be saddened. After all, a decision was made to save his companions from this cruelty. And he sent the believers to the Abyssinian king Najashi.

Najashi was a Christian. And no doubt our master

knew that he was a Christian. Still, he said to them, go to Najashi. He is a just king. This is the point. Our Prophet Najashi did not say a Muslim, a Christian,

a Jew or a Magi. He said he is fair. There is no measure for us other than our Master. At that time, we will either follow the measure, or we will not comply, we will disappear. There is someone after us. Drop it, this is Osman’s man. Now is not the time. Pied Turn us off. Take it off. We will go to the place where we will meet, and when we overcome what we are after, we will meet at the place we know. You should pay attention. Now scatter all over. Lets! Lets! This was not good at all. It was not good at all. Ya! Alps! Our informal enemy is not one.

Our shields do not stand up to their tricks. However,

we will beat them not only with our pusats but also with our minds. We will be united and we will collapse on them like an iron fist! You are my brave warriors running behind me.in Kayi family Osman season 2 English  Today we will not pity anyone, but I would like tekfuru alive. Everyone else will have a taste of your pusats. Alps. Lets! I am here as my father Umur brain ambassador. What do you want from me, Umur brain ambassador Malhun chick? I would like you to have Geyhatu’s dog, Togay.

So what will you give in return? Osman’s head?

In return, is it enough to keep your baldness? What if I don’t give Togay? My father and Osman Bey become one and destroy the castle on his head. You should know that well. The two of you found each other. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Maintain takfuru! Do not! Do not download shields! Resist! Attack! Allahu Akbar! Bring me the offer. Connect it. the landlord caught Aris and took him to his obesity. in Kayi family Osman season 2 English Togay. Eshedü enla god Togay, don’t kill him.

He will give us Osman. illallah. Wow my lion!

They are hunted every day! Thank goodness to you. The dark clouds above us scatter. Thank goodness. Yarhisar brought the landlord captive. If it goes like this, nobody will be able to stop him, Dündar. Take the takfuru inside. What happened Baysungur?

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