Kurulus Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 2 With Urdu Subtitles

The dark clouds above us scatter. Thank goodness. Yarhisar brought the landlord captive. If it goes like this, nobody will be able to stop him, Dündar. Take the takfuru inside. What happened Baysungur? My lord Malhun lost track of him with his alps. Blood started to drip from Osman’s Pusat. Get out, Boran. Get out. Here you are. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Are you hungry? Here you are. Thank you. Thank you. This excess meat in front of it is from our animals. Bulgur. Bulgur comes from Konya.

Kurulus osman season 2 The plum in this sherbet also.

comes from Iznik. Both Kayi basic and Söğüt are right next to all the roads. Constantine is at the heart of all trade routes from Iznik to Anatolia. Now, how many of the goods he sells pay as tax to Nikola by a merchant who wants to sell his goods in İnegöl? It gives two-fifths. It gives two-fifths. In return, he promised to protect you from me? Here I am in front of you. You are in my room, you are at my table. Please say Do I need to protect you from me? Do I have a luz? Do you know why I hosted you here? If you give up cooperation with Nikola then I will spare your life.

And we make a new trade agreement building on our present friendship. My hostility brings death, my friendship gains. Is there any gesture, sir? Come on. Sir, you better take a look. Togay. Osman. Look I’m on my own Did you come to your time? Excel can only come if I call, Mr. Osman. The Alps are on your guard. Send the alps around the oba. It could be an ambush, come on. I have this daughter. If you want him to live, you will give me takfiri. If you touch the hair of that girl,

then I will remove the bones from your body

and hang your skin at the entrance of the oblate. If you want Umur’s mare While the sky with the sun warms my crest over my head, let the captive bring the takfir to the black meadow, Osman Bey. If Togay lives the girl also lives. Once, we used to worship the same sky as your generation, Mr. Osman. The sky we stood for has been split. We have gone separate ways.

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