Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 in urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 in urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 in urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 in urdu Subtitles Maybe he has ascended into the sky. Pastor Gregor is a respected clergyman.  But Osman I’m not sure about that. I’m not sure who it is either. But we agree with you that no one at this table is, Nicola? Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 in urdu Subtitles What do you think, dear Rogatus? In Bithynia we can’t be sure of anything from anyone That’s all I think about. The food was delicious.

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 in urdu Subtitles

we must get him out of your arm as soon as possible. Your wound is getting worse. Not without getting out of here, Andreas. We can’t get it out until we’re sure of our safety. It is unknown when this captivity will end, Master Gregor. Looks like we’ll be staying here for a long time. Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 in urdu Subtitles There are Ottoman priests everywhere, we can’t even get our heads out of here it’s impossible for us to notify Rogatus. You are wrong Andreas. Osman is a smart man he didn’t kidnap us here to hide.

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He knows very well the policy of the emperor and the weaknesses of Byzantium

It seems that he has determined the steps to be taken accordingly. That’s why he kidnapped us. He wants to use me to fuel the conflict between Catholics and us Orthodox. That being the case, keeping us captive like this all the time won’t do you any good. Osman’s policy will be the road that will lead us to Rogatus Andreas. Osman Bey time is up. evening falls, obviously Rogatus will not come. Our unseen enemy is clear, huh? What you said is true. Rogatus did not accept our invitation raising suspicions. If he doesn’t come we go. We will understand then.

Does it come from fear or from guilt? With your permission then.

Hold on, brother. Here you go, sir. Will you see my account? The day is not a day of reckoning it is a day of unity. I don’t want to drive alone. Compensation for mistakes is possible with unity. Isn’t it so, sir? Huh Mr. Nicola was quite enjoyable. It’s tasteful but like all men, .. I surrender your rights. The Franks are not as adept at war as you are. Turkish Marines you met in the Mediterranean who are they, do you remember? On our last Mediterranean expedition what was it? Black Karaman. They said they came from the land of Karaman. Yes, Karamanoğulları. They are also Turkish Country. So what happened? When you fight Like I said they were good fighters.

Sir! Harmankaya Tekfuru Mihail Koses and his sister Mari arrived.

Continue your query. Thank you sir. Calm down the dead can’t talk. Know your strength and act. It’s your command, sir. Do they live here? How does one live here? It stinks everywhere. Surprising but true. Moreover, even in this state, they manage to influence the whole of Bithynia. For now. Welcome Tekfur Koses. Welcome, Osman Bey. Would you accept an intruder, Osman Bey? We don’t need an invitation to the guest you can come to my room. Satisfaction. I was not at all pleased with what happened in Kilimhane today .

Alparslan Büyük Selçuklu Season 2 in urdu Subtitles

You all know, there is no double-headedness in our customs. It’s what we said before! The Chief Hatun of this tribe is Bala Hatun. Other than that, you should not forget this. I ask all of you to behave in an ethical manner. Bala Hatun, Osman Bey will make you famous. Excuse me, Mother. When I learned that my brother wanted to visit you , I wanted to thank you personally. Thank you, you saved me from that barbarian .

Turgut Bey is not what you think on the contrary,

he is a brave Turkmen Bey. Is there a Destur, Sir? come on. Bala Hatun Bala Hatun is my lady. Harmankaya Tekfur Mihail Koses and his brother Mari. They are welcome. Let honey take care of our guest. Here, let me show you around the village. Let’s say Mihail Koses have you come to ask about the soldiers’ finger? Of course not, Osman Bey. Also, if they were well-trained soldiers, they wouldn’t have fallen into such a simple trap. Boran of your Alps said that Rogatus dared to attack you. So Koses it is. These aggressive attitudes of Ragatus are disturbing the order of all Bithynia. Moreover, there is nothing to support. Barbaroslar Season 1

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