How to Repair Corrupted OST Files

The problem is that while working with OST files, users may get an error message when trying to sync offline data with OST files. This spoils OST files or causes OST items to be deleted. Users will have to study this issue to repair corrupt OST files and in this instance, to recover OST.

There are two ways to make an OST file healthy and easily accessible. Before going into possible techniques for repairing damaged PST files, there are a few reasons behind OST files being corrupted.
Reasons for OST file corruption:

  • Exchange OST file corruption issues can be caused by both hardware and software issues, as identified elsewhere here:
  • Difficulty in the hardware:
  • Storage Medium (concern with any element or disk errors).
  • Page stopped due to network connector.
  • Hard drive has faulty spots (exit parameters issues).
  • Unexpected disconnections or forcing the system to shut down.
  • Difficulty installing the application:
  • Maximum amount of data stored in Outlook.
  • The ending of Outlook was weird.
  • For the outlook – add what doesn’t work better.
  • Definition of the Outlook Program.
  • Now, below are the most useful ways to fix OST files.
  • Repair Tool – ME ( SCANPST. EXE ) has been created by:

MS Outlook has a tool called “Inbox Repair” that allows you to file your Outlook data (SCANPST. Can use to correct mistakes in EXE). An inbox repair device checks your computer’s outlook data files to determine if they are in bad shape.

Turn off Outlook, before you use this method to repair damaged OST files. Then, go to one of the following files, depending on which version of Outlook you have:

  • C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft OfficeRoute Office 16 – MSOutlook 2019
  • C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft OfficeRoute Office 16 – MSOutlook 2016
  • C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft Office Office 15 – MSOutlook 2013
  • C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft Office 14 – MSOutlook 2010
  • C: Program Files (x86) Microsoft Office Office 12 – MSOutlook 2007
  • Once you SCANPST. Follow the steps given below to get the EXE tool.

Lunch time scapegoat. X.

  • Click to browse to find the ost file you want to scan.
  • If the scan detects problems, click the “Start” button to fix them.
  • When fixed, open the Outlook using the profile of the Outlook data file that you just repaired.

Recover items from backup file (. look ):

Inbox repair tool copies the original file with the same name but a. The bak expands and stores it in the original folder. You can get things from the backup file that can’t fix damaged OST files with the in-box repair tool.
Search the bak file in the folder where. The ost file has been kept. Make a backup of bak file and name it extension. Look. Replace with ost. Bring backdotost file to Outlook and use Import & Export Wizard to bring any other recycled items to a new Dot Post file.

Find Outlook’s data files:

You can find out where your Outlook data files are by going to Outlook. Navigate File – Account Settings – From Menu to Account Settings. Select the tab for data files. Outlook offline data files (. ost) and the name of the account to which each file belongs. So, if you fail scnpst what should you do? If there is a high level of corruption, manual method is not the best method because it only fixes minor bugs and errors. It’s hard for anyone to fix broken OST files. Even those who aren’t very tech-savvy can’t use it well. There’s even a chance that key data won’t be retrieved correctly or that this data will not be reproduced.

It is recommended that users try professional OST recovery software, fix damaged OST files easily and securely.
Professional Exchange OST Recovery Tool:
Showio OST Recovery Tool (AC OST to PST converter tool) is an easy-to-use software that finds and fixes errors in OST files quickly. This software gives you several more options, like saving exported OST file data like Outlook PST/EML/MSG/Office 365/HTML/PDF. This enables you to take easy steps to fix damaged OST files with Utkarjata. Since it is professional software, GUI is easy to use. It has many features that are helpful for consumers.

Here are the key features of this device:

Regardless of size or other factors, simultaneously support multiple corrupt OST files. Scans large OST files flawlessly, no matter how wrong they are to recover. Most options, like the ability to search, preview and filter.
Exported OST Files Allows Export Office 365 Mailboxes and Live Exchange Server with Mapping. An extra action that can keep happening in the hurdles. A free trial version before applying for a license.

Last words :

We explain how ScanPist works on OST files in this article.. If an OST file is too damaged, this feature won’t be able to fix it. So, if this happens, the user can seek help from the mentioned expert solution to repair faulty OST files.

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