Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 10 With Urdu Subtitles Bolum 37

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 10

what’s next? Iznik or Bursa? Or is it Constantinople? Enough! Just as we removed the Crusader army from our city It is time to remove the Turks as well. There is only one commander in my empire that I believe can do this. I invited him to the consul. Emperor. Distinguished consul members. You know why you were invited. Alone alone I have two conditions. If if you order Osman Bey’s Kulacahisarı is back I get. And Karacahisarı, which his father bought I’ll take it back. You will applaud me again, drown me and raise my rank.

So what’s your offer, Nikola?

But this little gift I will present to you it never prevents us from melting like ice on the peaks of the snowy mountains will not happen. ? With full authority of all the landlords in the region I want command of the soldiers, the border patrol troops. With full authority. Not to reclaim lost castles we lost whatever whatever we have lost to get it back. Our lands our churches our villages, our bridges to get back the dignity we lost. In short we lost for our soul I want full and unlimited authority from you emperor.

How do we do it?

Praise be to you. My God you gave us strength you gave heart. We were helpless, you acted mighty. We were horny you have done a lot. My God you keep us from arrogance. Amine. My God thank you. Thank you. Praise be to you. Thank you. Praise be to you. Thank you. This army this folks be a sacrifice to you. Sacrifice. You accept. Amine. You accept.They want us to stand up. As a Turk, remaining Islam. To this state my dear blood be sacrificed. Nobody should contact the prisoners. You can cure the wounded. They did not like that to us, sir. They made you vomit blood. Be our difference. Let us be the difference the prophet of mercy be proud of us. Thank you, sir. Thank you. You Praise be to you, my Lord. Praise be to you.

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