Kurulus Osman Season 2

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55

Osmanbey Agreement

All die to blow If an agreement is still valid, you leave.  I ask will be Loyal in this deal I will promise you We did it in the open, and every time I asked, we answered, Osmanbey Of course, this is not Mesut of them. These words are jeep agreement.  Allah Sabir will be in the form of water how did this Tolgay. Still get in when wheat subscribe This agreement is an agreement. Kurulus Osman Episode 55 with urdu subtitle With Urdu Subtitles.  If you give me the right answer, you might as well. If you keep silent, go, the deal is broken for me through the door. But I think there was no entrance from the roof in between. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55

Togay in action

We are in the tunnel with the edge Do you have a few dollars? And there are capsules, Masha’Allah to anyone, and there are three big Tülay.  Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 what is it profitable.  Coke Tunnels Does he know he’s going homeless? Let’s see what those bills I increased the shop like this for God’s sake.  spent, could not find subscribe this if you are available. Where does it go directly I’m still leaving here because of Mehmet, my life was here, uncle.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 Part 1 With Urdu Subtitles

This tunnel is divided into two in the future, one church and the other apple Halit kolami.  He was going to attack, tell me, using madmen.  Yes, with his army in the jar If you could not find nursing homes that would attack income, how nice would our paper be? He just didn’t have a word, I will be strong enough to print hands What are you saying?

Nikola attack on sogat

Max will attack, we don’t know We have no news, they will attack Time is with you. Okay, they will sell, right. What do you think? Who will you contact? Yes, this is one last task you have to do to survive to this. Trade after Tolga killed my brother Have to feed the herd as it came to a halt.  Ask hard if it’s right If you don’t call, they don’t just listen to you, they don’t just listen, Baran Get under your feet and your hooves Iy laser dairwlwr how my soldiers I can’t even get enough of his troops and merchants. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55.

Nikola playing both side

You will be jealous, under the enthusiasm and direction of the war, you will awaken to your pocket money. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 I have neither gold to give them nor the strength to fight, Nikola subscribes subscribe What if he distributes the taxes I will give to the Seljuks and his soldiers?. What surgery is not enough This is what we bought milk, and all Turks are gone, shame network There are so many bad things at the beginning of the name Kekeli, whose dominance will end. He won’t be able to come to our class like this, isn’t he?

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 With English Subtitles

so that you don’t take my brother’s revenge? he stuck Tell. I will take care of you today. Where is he from yesterday also known to 12 Let Ahmet Kaya come.  What did you talk to him? Hazal asked his chick Osman exiled him In these Tales, I think Şükrü sent the Shepherd’s sons to his brother Dündar, whom I know, has already learned this and has already fallen in pursuit of gold. petros Where is he not back together yet But this day comes Do you ask why or did the big day come a lot of war When is he good tomorrow?.

Nikola’s games

I’ll tell you that you will help. It will bring you what you need when you come back in the evening. don’t worry open your ears listen to me subscribe subscribe. Is it in our weakness that he has increased the fee for ferace? One of everything They think.  we are up to the measures we will take now He will shoot him too and he will send his gift to you, Osman Bey Nikolai’s soldiers It should not prevent them from entering the tunnels.

We know who avoided the trouble because if the sentences are entered, who killed whom in that turmoil It is not clear. Thank you to the office. I said never let them let them in, it is clear If it attacks with cavalry in the field. We will break the cpu use soldiers quite a bit.  We killed a lot in this camp, but it is necessary to pay attention to Nikola’s games.

This is the fake news that can be spread This is Volkswagen What do you say about what goes through Music Ya I’m Survivor Good luck with Subscribe.  Did Ugur Bey Melike come?. News he says he is. You understand that your kids this is your land if I came to the shop. They will attack a little time, how will they attack some of the soldiers.  The truth from these tunnels would attack from the entrance of Söğüt, too. if God is cheating on us Music but it will be clear tomorrow, Osman Bey Tomorrow.  A lie that will last until service is not naughty subscribes.  Nothing what are you doing.

Osman Bey strategy

This is both the jar and Nicola Hemgin Ellerin at the fellow-townsman door. How will the Tunnels defend the fellow city gate in such a short time?. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 Bey’s father and my father Ertuğrul Gazi would have What would he say that the easier a game is set up, the harder it is? as difficult as morning is easy  hu hu subscribe oh oh this will be a difficult game, Osman Bey got rid of the com on his back He was able to bring life to his traitor, thank God.

Osmanbey was not able to fill his shroud. this will stand firmly in the face No, not only your kefir, it will stand stronger in front of us. Isn’t that what we want, too, that we can eat on my back a strong ally Next time you do not forget that the stronger Osman Bey gets, the more his pills are.

No more Dundar

in that separate picture The aquarium we need to do a very good job that the Kızılbey boy is so Easy bite Ace news, what’s on your mind, daddy This is about to arrive in İnegöl.  So a caravan will set off. And are we going to get the unnecessary numbers into the castle? This priority should continue our trade. Let’s win it suspect nothing subscribe Is there this Vestel? My Giresun What is that Osman Bey would like to meet, he invites him to his bed, he got used to listing his demands. This is going to start, what are we going to do? You get a vote and go so what do you want? Your ways are yours. Bey.

And he’ll be no one on guard but the Alps, look he’ll paint the last blow We will raid we will take revenge of my brother came to arm And are you still bored and insufficient Doesn’t he know too, it won’t be comfortable for me again tell me the beauty of the world, everything is fine, Hazal talked with a coke of music They talked about Osman sent me to his wife of days. Probably Dundar will go right, it comes to staying in beautiful Kastamonu. When the time comes, it will be useful for me, what kind of videos they will make?

I told you what to do, they are still as impatient as we are. After what death they will do, not a single species will remain in these lands. This is a Turkish listen Does he have a test? Let Osman Bey come subscribe We must welcome Simav. We found it nice, Osman Bey, my father, Umur Bey’s greetings. I brought him, I couldn’t come because he was something Aleykümselam and he knows what the momentous business is You will prepare a new caravan to take it very easily.

Osmanbey and Nicolas

Do not worry Osmanbey Nicolas, we ain’t gonna sell it is simple trade goods I can find you.  Why didn’t you invite me here? May Allah be pleased with this Poyraz. Okay, right. Maybe Osman Bey speaks to this chick, who knows. Maybe a this chick Today we will be in such a trouble that beyephee will call yesterday.

This is how you are, God bless you.  At this time she was wrong at it girl But Kazan is It would return It is wrong to keep your Zikri.  So it was painted and turned around at the same time good to compensate for the same mistakes an opportunity.  As for ashas arisen subscribe at the head of this caravan to İnegöl I want it to be yours And don’t trust me.

you started Osmanbey and safe twice unbreakable mourning Antep safe does not break our promise, do not forget our promise, how happy it is to us. Let it continue, I will ask you to bring this from İnegöl. It has a very precious thing. I took the revenge of two wheels, we catch them arrow, month, month, he escaped his army, first of all Osman I’m done in this area, once mistake you painted your compass.

Dealing with tribe

You have never done the doorman He’s ready to die for you Okay Revenge Hurricane a little to follow They will wait, first of all, we will pay them to the Seljuks, after the taxes. We’ll fall, we’ll start like this, y’all kill his brother left the shrine commissioned by the last Emperor and He is hungry If he is hungry He is 16 early We will pass on this news. Is there o Bismillahi r-rahmani r-rahim Mashallah mashallah Subscribe, God bless you Thank you, thank you! Hello! Hello, my sister, Tuğba. Ahmet Kural has opened since the day of the doctor I will distribute it.

it won, it is still hungry, I am amazed If this Pehlivan Derviş decreases down, they said Akça, if it increases, then here is we both are fishes. This is Hello! subscribe to this homeland Something I’d like to meet with MD honey. Who wouldn’t, Osmanbey? a city my father’s brother if he votes What news? How does something like that? Stop Bey did e-commerce, isn’t it Ottoman?.

That’s right four right things this emmiisi Trade dealing Who else do you give to someone who was insulted by Emmis? Do you remember he used to put a tripe in front of his door? I would stones you and starve it You have to put up with such a sucking Who is he, Osman Bey, our master the prophet Sallallahu Alayhi and wa Sallam? What does it mean in the PC in the Quran? leptin subscribe from Turkey what has this done? be patient has continued on his way, he has been patient and continued on his way I The Aegean condemnation of the opposition of Abu Lahab and many of his relatives, and even.

Umar bay

Despite your cruelty, you have continued on your way, you sun in my hand even if you blame this other Allah said that he will not turn away from his way because he has no right to the way. Muhammad to spread the light of truth and inform the cause of Islam. Chose Mustafa. And is it possible to return this way? Osman Bey, they said that our Prophet said this way What he entrusted with this right.

Islam started with the victory we are us yeah this too as cool soldiers Music we won’t be back on this road either I am Osman Bey. This is of course. None of us Hasha and Başakşehir’s Mira None.  He will not think that he can have his value in the presence of God. Music and Virgo but he’ll still care for him, we’ll try to behave like my son So this will be patient and move on.

Osman that we look at this betrayal of Sure with this eye. Thank you Şahin. with the circumcision of the Prophet, the freedom of history and this nation is what.  I expect from you until this is the Time for Martyrdom, which is all right. This is in the way of Allah. thank you Osman Bey Subscribe No my love You deliver these goods. now No matter where you go, be patient, let’s find besmele. what are we going to do Music Very corrupt, Gülen, Allah is good by the way Music to listen to me in that house. Wow, wow! Come on at the end. Like, pig. It’s a feast in the evening. What happens? How can I shoot?.

Malhan khatoon

Let’s see how I was dry in half an hour. who are you, what do you want Who are you? What did Osman Özün equal to his brother? you put a bill Thank you very much Brigade What do you want from me. Call this Seljuks, taxes are overdue Seljuks So it means error Do you play He had a funeral for my brother. No, in a few days, the taxes will leave for Konya, very good.

but after the death of your brother I don’t want him to have another good son pain. Yeah So hold it fast But like I said in a few days will set out Yeah. right, get out of the hiding place again. But even though I shouted a pig, whatever pays him I’ll go home, haven’t I shot you a little gift i wont forget. As for as i will soon be back to the toast that we are you vile killer Will he pay his tax to the Seljuks, he does not dare to do so easily trusts his brother. I apologize, he also knows he did not even open his mouth. this will kill the opportunity.

what we will do is an unexpected great We’ll make a second coffee. in the dark nights of the whole world this fire retention will turn but I told you. let’s not come from here Come on my asking because of you I say. Wow Close We look at how to open the door.  So Yaver will not force us so much if he goes away. Yes, okay. Tell me what are we looking for? Here too, Osman or he was right İnegöl what you want from the castle.


Osmanbey Flying throws a calorie shadow somewhere He hides it there. you know how before that deceased Zülfikar Derviş died or take the plan. to the place where the stone is this year Acak What do you mean you give me such credit invites to the accident and 10 lines. I would like to see that you can be ordered that you won’t turn your face off Thank you,

Osman Bey, subscribe Subscribe it outright from the following. How will we go out as much as you can carry with you to this Turkish Işıtmak subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe subscribe. These things I don’t keep sometimes, This is where you kill, firstly they will find the corpses.  So later also understand the flexibility of a flying horse. Even if you are quick, the market is confused. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55.

in front of the door until it’s crowded nobody is separated we can’t get out of this door stuck we have to be so sure here we will get out of here that you look head when opening it subscribe and the games you have established are enemies. At the time of training a treacherous sit. This Nicola shroud will stop the attack and you will save Söğüt Osmanbey but I hope I swear by God, for example. in this situation  last-minute wait for important news on this connection o Mahmut has something to do with this work. Is there a God Resul?.


Let Osman Bey come Believe me, Mashallah as you wish Osman Bey. of course these teaspoons barrels were taken from the kefir best mashallah subscribe to this hey mashallah.  At the result What are you taking, a very valuable task to get it done I showed me that my trust in you is true. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55. Osmanbey is happy for us if whatever has been obtained from bass security. If this is permissible, I would like to reach him this permission is yours, this is greetings here This head Umur This is my uncle.

Is there subscribe to this vallahi this is it but now Zafer feeds it and again boy what are you doing Fiat 500. How can you be such a friend without asking me to taste something like that? I’m Osman Bey subscribe You go to the village with the idea that God, I wanted you to head my caravan. Did I say, I Osman Bey wanted the word of the brain expedition It wants to be covered with blood, how this city dug a tunnel.  They will put soldiers in what is yours At first, Osman Bey asked. I went to İnegöl and your shroud was Flying Ateş.  I captured his swords and took them to Osmanbey and he will blow up the tunnels with them. At that time he accused us of treason and I would like your help huh this business success.

Bamsi bay

In this revive and in that accident I have Osman Bey with me I want to be.  You take these hearts and let me go Music Bey, me, Osman Bey, we are away from accidents. We realized it was a big mistake to keep Subscribe Soldiers of this girth into the tunnels.  And when you enter, we’ll blow them up on the plane with stones Those tunnels.

they dug and they’ll be their graves O mashallah mashallah ya djinn Osman Bey captured your ends. Thanks to more water God How I paid from him If I have paid I wanted it.  Taking all the trouble and danger. Thank you I understood Why would he be informed?.  How did Osmanbey do it? I hid in barrels Oh he informed you. But they are from there Nikola Algebra must bring to doubt. He used me too much.

It would have won me for nothing.  I hope my good name has accomplished a great job. now how easy it is to own We can be with their gun. circle found the right way. They accepted brotherhood.  Semur Bey Father adds strength. to our strength. But quite like that Exactly. These Tunnels There are three exits, this is Suleyman’s shop. and his Angel will stand at the beginning when we say we will blow the stone on the plane, these other two.

Bamsi Bay as frontman

We will put our mushrooms at the beginning of the exit.  They will cut the escaped before-i but we are in the app against the jar army. We’re going out Nicola Deyu while trying to get the water in the water.  The majority of the soldiers This is going to lose and I swore what the way Until then.  Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 With Urdu Subtitles. Gentlemen, by Allah’s leave Bamsı Beyrek can also come to join with this double line apart from this. I will come to the situation. I hope there will be a tomorrow and their commander in İnegöl continued to take action.

Bamsi bay fight against Nikola

The proverbial feathers were going to make headquarters. subscribe will be the best This is wrong like this, let’s burn your wife. We passed this and I’ll put it in Is the sign-in you that will just go in and shoot me Scene If you make a mistake. I will break you and then I swallow What do you understand, what will I get.  Yes, okay, I poured it, move it to the moon plane Savcı Bey.  We have placed our Tunnels to be a separate Kefere grave or stone It is enough as a must Love is reserved on our website Brosman together give it.

ok, then you own jar in Söğüt I can’t wait to meet you by the flock In front of the castle where are the archers of the only football project no one can keep our waiting army.  So is there any outside the castle or the last Archers are not coming? subscribe yes sir If you talk.  these soldiers are soldiers I found it in Square but Subscribe to This Love Is it clear? Write it, Commander. This is Osman? Did you do this? This Tolga communication like Atma bring me He can sit too. 13

Saochi bay

What an easy gift I sent this I beg you don’t kill me inside or then they will already.  Take the driver auto-buy the mountains and the lands.  Like the waters of the earth Didn’t he rained more God. He will understand from Osman that Geralt has passed the rule in these lands.  But it will be too late for them once for pasta, hard wheat to fire waiting for you, who was he, isn’t it the end, the army of the hive is coming.

They see the hungry conquest subscribe but we saw the majesty of Ninja, Sal We, and all but all buried in their own pits. You can work for all of you. No, Gül is today. May Allah be your help and help. Music do you have. Sir, the soldiers entered the tunnels. The attack is starting. God, not us God honor us not your name. Our Safari is yours But this time don’t share it with anyone. I have no intention channel Osman is to his father.  Time, you are the trap You will drive the honor of this victory to be yours. Kill Osman with an arm and avenge my brother the honor of taking is enough. I got it They will come out of the so-called cultures, thank you okay. Subscribe oo Music subscribe gosh be happy.

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