❤️ Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 56 in Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 56

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 56 in Urdu Subtitles

Hello Friends! Welocme to Purjosh Tv. The great episodes of the Kurulus Osman series hit the screens. Full of action suspense and humor, this episode received a lot of praise from the fans. Some scenes of the episode made the fans laugh, some made them excited and said that the fans will be very emotional. But then in the end the same thing happened every time. That is, the episode ends on a half-finished story, leaving fans confused for a week. Action buffs have always wanted no episode to be missed.

Now the action-packed scenes of the last episode have won everyone’s heart. One of the reasons for this was the success of all the projects of Osman Bay. Will a big historical war that we will see in the next historical war bring big surprises?. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 56 will be surprised the audience.

Osman Bay going to form an alliance with Togay

Is Osman Bay going to form an alliance with Togay?. Which man was caught by Osman Bay jumping on a horse?. What’s next for Petrus?. You will also find more important information in today’s video. You must watch the video till the end to know the full details. Kurulus Osman’s last episode won the hearts of the fans. Osman Bey fought a successful battle and also kept Sogut safe. He also challenged Togay for Aegis people. Above all, we see the relationship between Malhun hatun and Osman Bay getting stronger.

Some of the bad and important topics of the upcoming episode will also be discussed today. All the scenes from the last episode were very interesting. And the viewers were not bored for a moment. But there were some scenes where everyone laughed.We told you that nothing would happen to him. when the viewers were upset to see Cerkutay lying on the ground in the trailer. He may have been the victim of an explosion. Exactly the same thing happened. You saw that it felt like a big blow during the explosion. But even then, Cerkutay says that Miral’s heart is fake. And I’m born upside down. He brought a smile to everyone’s face.

Bamsi Bay and Cerkutay

But then the scene of Bamsi Bay and Cerkutay where he brings Bam to Bamsi Bay. It was so funny that everyone must have laughed out loud. This scene is being called the funniest scene of the Kurulus Osman series so far. Viewers, you must also tell us your opinion about it. Now let’s move on to the details of the new trailer.

Malhun is doing all this against her father Omar Bay

In fact, the whole season has been quite confusing to the fans. Whether Dimanic’s war will come or not, they are confused. Viewers will share their analysis with you with some important proofs. Almost all the scenes in the viewer’s trailer are shown back and forth. Let’s start with where the episode ended. In other words, Osman was going to fight without a fight and the Malhun had also come to his aid.

The great thing is that Malhun is doing all this against her father Omar Bay. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 56 Let’s take a look at this too, but let’s explain the details of the war first. Viewers are all confused about whether this is a Dynamic war or not. But we think we will see not one but two wars. And then there is the possibility of a second war.

Lena and Savci Bay

When Savci talks of dying in disgrace. And then the conversation between Lena and Savci Bay at Bahoca’s grave is also very important. Not only that, before going to war in the tent, the words of Savci Bay and Lena hatun were very interesting. At this point, Lena remembers all the scenes of Bahoca’s martyrdom and her last meeting with him. All this is pointing to the battle of Dynamic.

The most important argument is the scene in the trailer when a man is running fast on a horse. And Osman, without hesitation, drops him from his horse and seizes him. We think this man is none other than Commander Kalanos. Which will martyr Savci Bay. Now, the reason for dropping Osman Bay’s Union Commander from a horse.

Dynamic’s war will not be seen in the next episode

It is possible that the injured Savci Bay and then Osman Bay catches him. Well, there are some incidents that indicate that. Dynamic’s war will not be seen in the next episode but even more so in the next episode. This historic battle may end at the end of the next episode and may end at the next episode. Viewers We see that Nikola is in the castle with the support of all the governors and the army.

And speaks of war and victory Kalanos is not there at the moment. In addition, Osman Bay was seen going to war at the end of the episode. In the trailer are in their tent. And Gonduz Bay tells them that a hundred servants of Togay are coming from Konya. All these scenes are mixing up the story. The reason for this may be that the war took place in two skirmishes.

Osman Bay will form an alliance with Togay

Let me tell you the reason. We have seen Osman Bay near Togay. Surprisingly, Togay did not catch them but went there himself. As Osman Bay told Gonduz, I will be close to Togay. Viewers all point to a temporary alliance. In the last episode, we also saw Osman Bay telling Jamoa that our forefathers had formed an alliance with Genghis Khan. We think that for some time to come,

Osman Bay will form an alliance with Togay. Now you will think what is the use of Togay in this alliance. Viewers We know very well that the main purpose of Togay was to collect taxes. This is being delayed due to the people of Yarahisar taking refuge in the Kayi tribe. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 56

Savci will be martyred

It is possible that this step was taken at the behest of the white-bearded men. A bloody war between the Byzantines and the Kayi’s is about to take place, even if I am not among the Mongols. In which Savci will be martyred. When it comes to deporting a Malhun, viewers will know one of the main reasons for this. That he went against his father and helped in the battle of Osman Bay.

While Omar is thinking of crushing the enemy through apolitical politics. So Malhan hatun is doing this job with the sword together with Osman Bay. We think she will go to carry out Omar Bay’s order. But on the way, Mongols or some other enemy will attack them. Or they will be ambushed and will return.

Petrus and Semon

But remember that they will not disappear from the series. Everyone is interested in learning about Petrus and what is going to happen next. Viewers, the result will be the same as what happened to Semon. But they also tell you how. Thus, Osman Bay handed him the letter and asked him to send it to the Pope. But an attempt was made to get more work from Semon, which he did.

The conversation between Petrus and Semon in the prison tent was not surprising, but it was unexpected. That Petrus is still the enemy of Osman Bay’s life. Tell him that instead of going to the Pope to avenge his close friend, Petros might try to kill Osman Bay. This brings him to his end. Episode 56 of Viewers Kurulus Osman will be aired on April 28.

Season 2 is coming to an end

Season 2 is coming to an end and the story will move fast. So we will see each episode with great surprises.Some big surprises will be seen in the next episode. One of them, the white-bearded man, will have to appear after a long time. What is the wisdom behind bringing them to the fore?. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 56 will not be last episode.

Malhun hatan’s conversation with her father

Viewers, A few days ago we told you that white beards will definitely appear before the end of season 2. And the reason they don’t come up is because of the global epidemic and some of the health problems of Cunyet Arkan. Now, with white beards, Osman Bey will be seen moving in a new direction.

Now let’s move on to the topic of Malhun. In the trailer, Malhun hatan’s conversation with her father and Osman Bey also means a lot. The Malhun was seen fighting bravely. But we also saw that during this war, Osman would save the life of a Malhun. Osman will not stop the arrow from coming towards the Malhun.

Kayi tribe in a difficult situation

Also, at the end of the war, Osman Bay tells the lady that the fate of the lands on which you have settled depends on this war. Everyone is wondering for a moment which war has ended here. Because the war has already come to an end. Viewers may be talking about supporting the Omar Bay tribe in the upcoming war. Which Malhan hatun also mentioned to Omar Bay.

We saw Malhun telling Omar Bay that the Kayi tribe was in a difficult situation. It is impossible to find such a tribe if we do not help them now. Viewers are definitely post-war scenes. The Malhan hatun look very happy with Osman Bey on his return from the war. Of course, this friendship will grow well together. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 56 will be full action.

Dimanic War End

But now only Omar Bay’s consent remains. The Malhan hatun is well acquainted with Osman Bay. And perhaps Osman Bay has joined him in calling for a major war against Nikola. Viewers, this is definitely going to be the Dimanic War. The arrival of white-bearded men will help further strengthen Osman Bay’s intentions. “We were martyred,” said Cunyet Arkan. Of course,

the war would have been mentioned here and the issue of treason would have been discussed here. Viewers here may also report to the white-bearded Osman Bay about the coming great wars. and the martyrdom of his close associates. We know very well that this war will be a Dynamic war.



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