Savasci Season 1 Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitles

Savasci Season 1 Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitles

Savasci Season 1 Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitles I have beautiful fabrics from Konya, if you want to take a look- Don’t play with me, Petrus! I know who you are. Erim, where is my Bey Dundar? What’s going on? What’s going on in this sinister city? Were you followed while you were coming, Hazal lady? No. I said what’s up! Dundar Bey took refuge in Nikola. Osman where did he learn it? We just learned, Hazal Hatun.

¬†He obviously doesn’t doubt you.

At least for now. You didn’t like this fabric either. Did he just leave me and run away? Dundar Bey had taken precautions for such a situation. Savasci Season 1 Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitles Is it a precaution? What kind of precaution? We have the necessary preparation, don’t worry, stay calm.

I can’t go back to Obama.

We will take you to Dundar Bey. Get over the lady next to you and come to Boztepe. No, I have to go back to the camp. At least I don’t adorn my stuff – Don’t! We don’t have time for this.Savasci Season 1 Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitles Osman can find out where Dundar is at any moment and go after you.

Come on, my Gonca.

This is enough to cover his sins. What about Dundar? Dundar is still a big threat to us. It will be his turn. Let’s go. What is this pit? Dundar entrusted him with gold and some documents in case he had to flee. For us to give you. Hazal said to take it with her when she leaves. They’re all buried in this pit.

 Everyone gets what they deserve.

Let me go! Let me go! Ah! Why do you do this, leave me! Master Peter, shall I finish your work? Finish it. No! Damn it! Osman! Let’s run, Peter! It was about burying you alive, but thank my lord. Exit! You will tell everything! Silence is the greatest worship, Prosecutor. Are you working for Nikola or the Pope demon? I know how to make you go. Episode 4

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