Savasci Season 1 Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitles

Savasci Season 1 Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitles

Savasci Season 1 Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitles If you show weakness, who should I trust? You are right Bala. I made a mistake. Excuse me. Can I shoot arrows too, Osman Bey? Here you go, Kosses. honey. Will you look angry at me? Can a person be angry with his sister? Balam. You will soon fall into my hand. Alps! Open your eyes. Honey be careful. We will wipe out Osman from these lands. We will narrow these lands to you. Unruly dog. honey! my son. baby. honey! honey! honey! We’re filming! honey! my son.

 hold on a little. honey! honey! Honey, you’re a strong girl.

Hang on. Hang on! Honey, hold on a little. my son. baby. honey! honey! Let my Bala wake up, my Bala. -We’re going back to the camp! -Honey! Come on! Alps! honey. #NAME? Using Turkish broadcast requires merit. Because the bow is short the arrow is short the draw is short. It seems you have that virtue too, Osman Bey. You didn’t come here to watch archery practice , Kosses. You know very well why I came, Osman Bey. It’s a very brave move to keep Father Gregor someone the emperor wants so badly . But where has it been seen that courage prevents destruction? If you persist in this attitude the emperor will be very angry.

And there will be very harsh sanctions.

The news spread as fast as my arrows. I didn’t expect you so soon. This is Bithynia. Small place. And what’s your offer, Kosses? Let’s give the priest to you and get rid of all the burdens? Yeah. This is exactly what I propose, Osman Bey. It’s up to you to end the matter before it gets more complicated. If you go on like this I’m afraid emperor- We’ll live together in this land for a long time with you. I thought you knew the Turks, even a little, Mihail Kosses. Father Gregor took refuge with us voluntarily. They look at the food that comes in. We already know these. Fortunately, they can’t stop a valiant person like you with these measures. Is not it? You’re going to kill that priest.

Thank you for living all this work comfortably,

tekfur Kosses. If I’m going to die eventually. …what does it mean? Certainly. Thanks for the offer. Lord Kosses. You can’t get out of here alive. Bahadir. Of course, if you try to kill Reverend Gregor … maybe you’ll have a chance to live. In case you change your mind as soon as you get out of here … you’ll appreciate that you’re not as protected as Pastor Gregor. I’ll do my best. I thought so, too. You can leave now. Do you think he will succeed, sir? If you wish, help from the emperor- Do not! Don’t be Nestor! The Emperor already knows everything.

Savasci Season 1 Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitles

And I will present him dead to the emperor. This much. Is there a destur, sir? come on. I have no face to look at, sir. What do you want from me, Osman Bey? I want you to see what I see, pastor. Let him see in Bithynia neither you nor your trust are safe anywhere but here . What if it doesn’t work as you say. If Rogatus is sincere in his friendship, if he behaves as I think, then I will set you free. I’ll give you the escrow. OK. Accept Osman Bey. So how do we get to Rogatus? Rogatus should not be suspicious. Osman Bey send me back to the church. Rogatus will reach out to me.

What do you think, pastor?

Mr. Osman. First of all thank you all for coming. Bithynia is small. News spreads quickly. You’ve all heard of it. Pastor Gregor Kayı Bey is in Osman. Savasci Season 1 Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitles We heard this bad news. You couldn’t even own a priest. Osman with this move obviously aims to break up the Christian unity. As far as I know Reverend Gregor was doing the same , Rogatus. He was also breaking the great Christian union against the emperor. I was just trying to save my friend’s life.

We can’t equate it with Osman’s possession,

can we, Kosses? If Gregor Osman stays in his hands even Christian subjects can be brought under his rule. That’s why we need to put aside our differences to unite. Only then do we force Osman to return Gregor. Do you want to tell me how that will happen, Rogatus? So, my dear friend. We will block anything that will benefit them . For example; Savasci Season 1 Episode 8 With Urdu Subtitles  Turkmen workers working in the mines. Mr. Osman. Brother. The situation is not good, Osman Bey. No, brother. Savasci Season 1 Episode 7 With Urdu Subtitles

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