Savasci Season 1 Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitles

Savasci Season 1 Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitles

Savasci Season 1 Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitles The siege lasted for 20 whole days. The number of martyrs increased day by day. More than two thousand martyrs, more than five thousand wounded. But don’t be discouraged. It doesn’t fit! It doesn’t fit! Huge commanders But no one can open it. Our beloved prophet took the black flag in his blessed hand. He said to Salman-i Farisi, Call me Ali. said. Salman is shocked. Hazrat Ali is in Our beloved prophet prays for the healing of Hazrat Ali’s sick eyes .

And, holding the black banner in his hand,

The word of the great prophet. Hazrat Ali did not even wait for his soldiers. He took the banner. He wore Zülfikar on his waist and galloped to the battlefield like apocalypse. God God! Anxiety in Khaybar, curiosity among Jews. Who is this who came against the army alone? they said. Savasci Season 1 Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitles Alright. they said. Who are you? Our Ali Efendi ordered.

Well, I am Shah-i Mardan, the soldier of the battlefield,

the lion of Allah, the son of Abu Talib, Ali. The Jews cried out in surprise. Are you the one they called Ali? Ali is what they call me. The weapon on my waist is the sword named Zülfikar, which has not given any respite to the infidels. The wrist that carries it has never been bent by anyone until now. The infidels say, Why should we be afraid of you? “You are a human being, like us , made of flesh and blood . they said.” Shah-i Mardan, Our Master Ali says, “Yes, it is true, I am a person of flesh and blood like you.” “But I have such power that I can stand it.

Savasci Season 1 Episode 9 With Urdu Subtitles

in his hand and rides his horse to the ditch. He crosses that great ditch like a bird. He stood at the door of Khyber, which no one could take. By grasping the two rings on the door of the castle Shah-i Mardan pulls the rings so hard that eventually, the door is ripped from its place. And behold, the door of Khaybar is opened to Muslims. What is the power that our Ali Efendi relies on, that Kumral Abdal? Faith is power, Ahmet. The power of faith.

In order to bring the kuffar down ,

To be an Alp is a lion’s heart, an iron wrist, an unshakable faith and prophetic morality. Like my Osman Bey? Like my Osman Bey. My Osman Bey is like a Zülfikar who is facing the sun . The oppressed rest in its shadow. Infidels look for a place to escape. He searches for a place. oh my god. Oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. Nicholas! Welcome to Kayi’s estate. We were waiting for you too.

ah. Mr. Osman. I honestly never thought I’d see you here .

This place is ours. The caravan is also our caravan. Are you saying so? Do you think that by killing my soldiers, you will annex this village ? This village is my village and this caravan is my caravan. Don’t be so sure, I guess. Because… We came as you asked, Nikola. Let’s not keep Osman waiting any longer. As you can see, Osman Bey. The village is still my village , and the caravan is still my caravan. Nicholas! Did you know me too? Did you know Turgut Bey too? Episode 8

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