Savasci Season 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Savasci Season 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Savasci Season 1 With Urdu Subtitles

Savasci Season 1 With Urdu Subtitles Of course we will come. Good luck, honey. Bon Appetit. Cerkutay Why don’t you eat bro? Didn’t like the vaccine? No. Where was it seen that Cerkutay didn’t like food? It looks pretty good too. TO? However, I have such a knot in my throat that even water cannot pass. What’s wrong with you then bro? You eat bulgur, win-win. Tell me all about it. I have a big problem. If it’s a cure, it’s beautiful. My tongue turns yellow in front of Aygül Hatun. I can’t put two words together. I want to marry. Get your pattern.

Savasci Season 1 With Urdu Subtitles

where you hit it yet! Fortunately, this incompetence worked. It’s good the priest didn’t die. This is the reward. What is on your mind, tekfur Kosses? There’s a reason that priest came back to Osman. Something he brought from Constantinople. It’s very precious. You will learn what it is, Bahadır! Know it happened. I hope Bahadir! Hopefully. Willow. Don’t be disturbed, pastor. I came to see if you’re in good health . Thank you for your interest. But why am I here? Where is Osman Bey? You will be our guest in our lodge for a while.

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This is Vinegar water. This is honey water.

Both are healing. Take it one after another, its effect increases. Not yet, pastor. He has time. It was the most delicious honey I’ve ever tasted. What makes honey sweet is the vinegar you drank before , priest. Look at the falcons of my Osman Bey. Cerkutay Cerkutay It’s nothing, but something very important. At Osman’s request and protection, we will go to a village around Kastelion. All the people of the village are Orthodox Christians. Are we going to act on Osman’s word? You just got better, sir.

in one breath. Let’s hope. Aygul Hatun.

Cerkutay Like this. You know, I gave you a flower yesterday, that’s the flower of mystery. Whoever gives that flower to someone has to reveal his secret to him. Now I will reveal my secret to you. If you have me, enough girl. This secret is too much for you and me, Cerkutay. Cerkutay You uncovered your secret, Cerkutay. Cerkutay the lionhearted. Do you think love is easy? It is easy to endure its pleasure, but it is love that endures its suffering. Love is this Cerkutay. Nice sultan worships.

The lover burns the man, he burns them to ashes.

Don’t give up on love. It’s up to you to say thank you to both your anger and your grace. I was brave to turn my back on love. Don’t turn your back on love! Side Cerkutay, side. The border village of İnegöl, around Kastelion (Kestel). This is it! Priests. Here it comes. May Jesus Christ bless you. May he forgive your sins. On my way from Constantinople to Bithynia, or rather, fleeing the emperor’s persecution,

I had many other things on my mind. But,

Savasci Season 1 With Urdu Subtitles as some of you have heard, God crossed my path with Osman Bey. Priests. Forgive me, but why did you stay in a Turkish group instead of a Tekfurlik? Savasci Season 1 With Urdu Subtitles Why didn’t you take shelter in Tekfur Nikola? He protected you. He is a man of great value to the nobility, sir. May the love of Jesus Christ be with you. You are a very good hearted person.

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