Soz in Urdu Subtitles By Purjoshtv

Soz in Urdu Subtitles By Purjoshtv

Soz in Urdu Subtitles By Purjoshtv

Soz in Urdu Subtitles By Purjoshtv I would like to be a holiday, but I hope bro, I hope this is Hello systems but I hope bro I hope Do you ready longing long live f long live ff Stop do you think there is NATO [ , take it easy This by the way the object is not in my hands It is neither a magic union nor because of it. ok thank god there is an antidote auburn wound is deep and the measure is appreciated by us Allah yes Come on girl Right now He had a wound too Op.Dr thought something sweet moment, yes, let’s go about your business, Ayşe, I clicked on it, and it is an infidel. I will make a deal with us, take out a priest, this coke First of all,

A good Christian will be against our enemies Of course,

He will be on our side I don’t think where is that voice next to Osman God bless you this empty Crescent and open war very little greyboard He will not die by standing next to the Turks r sign up we didn’t get that relic Sir as you can see what we are doing is useless and we need that pope bah ya call from where but believe me Nicola If priest gregore is on our side I will make such a big hole in Osman’s heart with flying fires in my hand that it will not be repairable Yes sir I want you to go to pastor gregoria immediately crime against but I have a wedding,

that’s why I’m happy to have a friend like you this thank you

then these words we said don’t stay in words Good since you are so Mesut without agreeing with us and he still has the gold in advance and you say that so that our trade does not worry very d I think I will earn more , as you say, let our e-commerce be blessed Thank you, you will not worry about everything together, there will be no trouble together on our roads with your goods It is safe with me The last verse you learned in a printing house, human loneliness does not live with bread , every word that comes out of my god’s mouth Lives Shut up and day by day you are closer to being the Saint Warrior of Jesus You are great guys you have successfully completed your education

you can be a better Ariston let’s take

those children from their plains It’s been eight years You have done a good job We Turkmen You raised your children as good Christians I am grateful to you holy hungry I am always ready to leave Izmit sir this cell When the love of Ihsan settles in their hearts this holy tree and we will not go wherever we want but don’t tell me you came back empty handed o l I don’t understand what only two men are left, what is that child saying, that child will come, that child is the seed, the child is the roots of a budding tree, in this business, we will take the blame on the archer,

we will take Osman’s dreams without including his children ,

but tomorrow this will be filled with those Turkmen children in this milk There are children who are in education, they came back from your plain, thank you, Sibel, in front of you, then they set up all kinds of traps that we did what suits them and played all kinds of games . Maybe they have gathered our place. The power of his spirit will never do it to the children of Uncle Türk, I will never do it to the children of the Turk.And it will be on the clothes of my children. there may not be this 14 I’m I ‘m afraid of you

Now the person shampoo will take you to Aziz Bey Address Monastery so that

How did it happen? How. I don’t get it Calm down Avcn Sir how can I keep calm. I can not keep calm Haven’t you told me that she pulled a gun. Yes. I saw her pointing a gun at that guy. She was going to kill him. Soz in Urdu Subtitles By PurjoshtvI told her to drop her gun Drop your gun. Fethi stays away from this. Go Eylem Don’t make me do this She didn’t drop her gun sir She didn’t listen to me From where did you shoot her. Just below her shoulder, I killed Eylem sir Don’t do this to yourself You wouldn’t do it if you had any other choice.

Soz in Urdu Subtitles By Purjoshtv

I trust you on that You didn’t do it on purpose okay. Calm down I am fine. I am busy. When are you going to come back? Omer missed you so much. It’s hard for me to come back these days. We are really busy. I giant May God helps you with that. Is that my dad? Yes, do you want to talk to him. Yes, He did. What are you doing? I was playing with my toys you.

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