The Benefits of EV Charging Business

The Benefits of EV Charging Business

Look at the difference in emissions between a traditional vehicle and an EV that uses a calculator on the right.
EVs can cause climate change and increased smoke, improve public health and reduce emissions as well as environmental damage. Charging your EVs on sustainable power, for example, solar or wind, reduces these emissions even more. Look at the difference in emissions between a traditional vehicle and an EV that uses a calculator on the right.
Tax benefits and subsidy –

According to a statement from the Finance Ministry,

the GST rate on EVs will be reduced from 12% to 5%. Government will provide additional income in tax ₹1.5 lakh on interest paid on loans taken for EV procurement. This is equivalent to nearly 2.5 million profit given to taxpayers during the loan period to purchase electric vehicles. To make infrastructure affordable for EVs, the council also decided to reduce the GST rate on chargers or charging stations for EVs to 18%. Also, to make EVs popular for public transport, servicing electric buses with capacity of more than 12 passengers (by local authorities) will be exempt from GST.

Attract and retain high – quality employees

Adding EV charging stations to company buildings is a huge benefit for employees—it encourages and facilitates their experience using EV vehicles. Think about the number of employee parks you have on your lot. All those hours can be used to charge their vehicle, which is a special perk, especially for employees who may not have a home charger.

This benefit could help reduce travel times in areas

where EVs meet all the requirements of carpool routes. All of these appear to be that the EV charger expansion could be a ground-breaking negotiating tool in retaining and retaining talented workers. Owners express strong interest in work environment-related charging, and numerous businesses already do. Looking at the importance of introducing charging stations.) As an added bonus, if your organisation has to face service clients, charging stations offer you a special incentive to visit Are.
Promote stability –

If your business is pushing for sustainability strategies,

adding EV charging stations is probably the easiest move you can take. By including charging stations, you show both employers and consumers that you’re taking steps to play your part in promoting sustainability and reducing emissions. In case you want to incorporate EV charging as a feature of a corporate sustainability strategy, smart EV charging infrastructure is easy to go. Smart EV charging often includes a dashboard.

Interior users –

Adding a charging station can help you attract customers
Interior customers
Adding charging stations can help you attract customers in two key ways — goodwill — consumers, especially millennials, care to connect with corporations that promote sustainability. They’re more encouraged to work for a company that produces a product or service they believe in and also forms it in a responsible manner.

EV Charging station customers can also attract new and loyal customers who wish to patronize businesses that are supporting the transition to electricity mobility. If you run a restaurant or hotel, you can persuade customers with your charging stations who might otherwise go elsewhere.
Add a boost to your fall –

EV drivers can explore areas to charge their vehicles.

If you introduce an EV charger in your business premises, it will stand out on these applications and increase the chances of visitors coming into your business. A considerable number of these visitors may be local, yet some are passing through at the core and need to be stopped and charged. EV chargers can increase your brand awareness and these visitors can stop charging their car and become one of your customers.

2. Generate product through selling electricity –

By installing an EV charging point outside your business, you can earn extra product by selling electricity to an EV driver. Businesses can maintain profit at the driver’s cost to receive their vehicle, so you can earn more revenue.
Advantages of EV Charging Stations at Different Business Centres
EV charging station in various business centers


Visitors will stay longer – electric cars usually require at least an hour to charge, which means any visitors using your charging station will stay at your convenience for at least that time. This means they are more likely to choose desserts, beverages or coffee. Repeat Customers Will Attract – A restaurant offering EV charging stations is very likely to attract repeat customers. Electric car users will learn that your facilities are able to accommodate their needs, and they’re more likely to choose you over competitors.

To be recognized as eco-friendly

many customers are very concerned about the environmental impact of their choices, and if your restaurant has an EV charging station, it will increase your company’s image. When customers are looking for eco-friendly options, they will choose your restaurant.

Profit from the offer as fee-based charging or complimentary service.

Connect with new ecotourism and electric car driving premium guests.
Add Productivity to Per Room Available.
Get high ratings and positive reviews on popular travel sites.
Highlight your hotel in map services and navigation system.


The presence of EV charging stations gives a hospital or medical office an innovative and sustainable appearance that compliments the overall image of healthcare facilities offer: healthy living, scientific success, and – in patient care Doing a hike.
Why should healthcare facilities install EV charging station ?
Providing valuable amenities for doctors, nurses, patients and visitors who operate EVs.
Improving air quality and reducing emissions near vulnerable communities.

Enhancing the visual appeal of convenience with high-tech charging stations.
Adding a “green” direction to the overall impression of the hospital.
Advantages of EV charging station in shopping malls and multiplexes:
Advantages of electric vehicle charging stations in shopping malls and multiplexes
Shopping malls and multiplexes

Attract EV drivers –

Many people drive and park for their retail shopping trips — many are utilizing the amount of vehicles in lots to anticipate market performance for retailers. EV drivers also obviously need to stop, and they want to do it where they can charge. As the EV industry continues to grow, EV charging will become an important investment for retailers who need to attract EV drivers.
Increase in customer spend –

Charge not only attracts customers and keeps them longer,

but it can also increase time and money spent in the store. One major retailer found shoppers spent nearly a dollar for every minute they were in the store. Adding EV charging, the retailer spent three times the time in the store and, as a result, three times the customer. Now this is a good deal.
Put your store on the map –

EV charging puts stores on the map — literally. EV drivers rely on EV charging apps like ChargePoint’s mobile app to quickly discover places where they can charge. When drivers look for places to charge in our application, they can easily discover retail locations that offer charging for their vehicles. Since EV drivers charge their vehicles when they shop, accessible charging could persuade drivers to store in rival area.

Build a customer connection –

With smart EV charging that lets drivers talk to stations online or in a mobile app, retailers can form virtual “connections” for drivers using their stations. All it takes is submit a simple connection request from drivers in app and learn more about who is using their stations and when providing them with new insights about their customers Allows to be done.

Offer special deals to EV drivers –

Retailers can build relationships with customers who meet EV drivers by developing loyalty programs. Giving EV drivers special deals can help them (charge and shop) more often. Some sample offers developed by the companies include free charging, free hotel stays and even free wine tastings.
Corporate Parks
Advantages of EV charging station in corporate parks

Corporate Parks

Consumers live longer –
Retail businesses benefit from EV charging stations. They encourage customers to stay and browse more with straight-up parking facilities that can provide simultaneously charging benefits. Prolong browsing increases the shopping cart.

2. Keeping the employees happy –

Employees who value business and whose needs are more engaged and productive. Providing essential electric charging for employees indicates a responsible and committed employer. Demonstrating environmental commitment and supporting brand value – social responsibility is key for businesses today and enabling green vehicles is an important part of it. EV charging in the work environment sends a sensible and clear message on where businesses stand about reducing the environmental impact of their jobs and employees.

3. Improving Performance and Costs –

Electric charging points at work can make life easier for employees. For example, reducing time spent looking for where to charge. For companies where vehicle fleets are part of the business, there are opportunities to save on fuel and maintenance costs.

4. Providing convenience for clients –

Clients decide who to partner with based on a wide range of factors for companies – and convenience is one of the most important. EV charging station on the p

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